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    Helping to Prepare for Your Puppy

templatemo.comWelcome and Congratulations! This is the place to find the information and details that will help you get ready to pick up your puppy. 

In addition, there are articles to help you take care of your puppy after you get home. We have come to realize that the puppy pickup day is very exciting and emotional, which makes it difficult to remember all of the details for ongoing care and the timing of giving the homeopathics.

Instructions:  All of the documents are in pdf format.  Just click on the link and the document will open.  You can also save the document.

#1 - Puppy Info Guide 

This is the basic puppy adoption information guide. This is a detailed document that lists what is provided with the puppy at the time of pickup. There are in depth discussions regarding what foods are best for the Eskie, feeding schedule, supplements and what treats and foods to avoid. Vaccinations and worming are covered, along with tips and information regarding puppy development.

There is a section on preparing for the puppy, including puppy proofing tips to help keep them safe. Grooming tools, training and care tips are included. Health analysis and tips complete this document.

This document is fairly long and detailed. It should be your "go-to" document if you need a refresher or reminder for what is best for your puppy.

» Puppy Info Guide (PDF)  



#2 The Puppy Lecture

CH. ThunderThis is the basic "Puppy Lecture" at the time of transfer. This supports the Puppy Info Guide and talks about the Homeopathics provided, when to start, when to visit the vet and the protocol behind vaccination and immunity.

This also addresses frequently asked questions about worming, parasites and flea-tick protection protocols (and the safe approach that we have used for over 20 years. )

» The Puppy Lecture (PDF)  



#3 - Homeopathics and Vaccines Guide 

This is the guidance for how to use and administer the homeopathic remedy provided at the time of transfer.  There are instructions on how to create a daily dose vial that conserves the master remedy so it can last a long time.  A basic course in homeopathy is provided to help you understand that homeopathics work by signaling instructions (and not by drug-based interaction.)  

The protocol for using homeopathic nosodes in parallel with vaccination is also presented here.  When a viral vaccine is given, the actual virus is injected into the body, bypassing the normal routes of infection.  Homeopathics are used in parallel to help the body detox the side effects of the viral vaccine and they will also help establish immunity in the form of antibodies over time.   The article discusses why antibody titers should be used to determine if immunity has already been establshed, and if so, boosters should be avoided.

Vaccine Myths, written by Veterinarian Dr. Cathleen O'Driscoll provides a "Myth vs. Fact" perspective regarding pet vaccinations.  This included statements commonly made by Veterinarians that are not familiar with the risks involved in some vaccination protocols.  It is a very  good read. All in all, these documents provide a good discussion about the benefits and the drawbacks of vaccines so that you can be informed and make the choices that work best for you.   

This should be your "go-to" document when the vet recommends routine, periodic or ongoing vaccinations.  

» Guidance for Homeopathic Nosodes (PDF)  

» Vaccine Myths (PDF)  

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